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Our History

Our story

At the end of the 19th century, in a business world totally dominated by men, Marie Valentine Lebrun, a true woman entrepreneur, created the first French cosmetic brand KLYTIA with the quality standards of the big brands and on an international scale (exported to 40 countries around the world) and her first in history beauty institute located at 26 place Vendôme in Paris.


klytia place Vendome

For many years, in collaboration with famous doctors and chemists, she developed cosmetic products and beauty care protocols of such perfection that her treatments were soon known all over the world: the United States, China, Russia, Mexico, Egypt etc.

The KLYTIA Beauty Institute became not only an aesthetic salon practicing different aesthetic treatments such as massages, modelling, facials but also a real aesthetic school and trained for many years professional beauticians.

In the 2000's KLYTIA innovates with its original concept of care (of Chronosoins®) beauty institute based on the science of chronobiology.

The innovation of the CHRONOSOINS® KLYTIA comes from scientific research conducted by KLYTIA with the Faculty of Pharmacy in Paris based on work in Chronobiology, the science that studies the natural rhythms of the body and the skin.

The beauty treatments in the KLYTIA beauty institute combine a temporal approach of chronobiology with the global and holistic vision of the skin. The treatment methods take into consideration the natural rhythms of the skin at the time of treatment.

The KLYTIA treatment programs combine preventive and corrective manual methods with point-of-technology treatment devices.

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